About SoundCloud Connect

Remix Comps uses SoundCloud® to allow you to log in without the need for a separate Remix Comps account. By connecting through SoundCloud® you can...

  • Comment on remix contest listings with a link back to your SoundCloud® Account.
  • Create a watch list of remix contests.
  • Enter a remix into a contest that we are helping to host.
  • Add winners if you are the artist/label running a remix contest.
  • Post in the forum.

You can disconnect your SoundCloud® account at any time from the dropdown menu at the top. You can also revoke access to the API by visiting your SoundCloud® settings on the SoundCloud® website.

We don't change anything on your SoundCloud® account, never autofollow accounts or autolike tracks. It is only used to fetch a list of your tracks if you are submitting to a hosted contest.

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